What I did to go from 20 to 400 users in 3 days

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Picture by Austin Distel

Worktunes went from 20 users reached the first day to 400 in 3 days. Here's what I did:

Dev.to article: 270+ Users reached

I published this article and got really good feedback and some users contacted me to ask about how I made the app. I have an article on the list explaining that and also I'd like to open source a vuejs + firebase boilerplate that I use (made by me).

Twitter: 80+ Users reached

After publishing the article on dev.to they shared it on twitter. I can't check how many impressions it had but I got around 80 users from twitter so it probably had more than 4000 impressions.

Indiehackers: 40+ Users

I just shared a quick post on indiehackers, I'm pretty sure if I had written something better like I did for dev.to I could have gotten way more reach.

Makerlog: 10+ Users

I really like makerlog, I just share what I do throughout the day there and talk with other indie makers.


Since I have less than 100 followers on twitter I thought it'd take me way more time of promoting the app to reach 250 users, which was my goal for this month. Now my goal is 500 and improve the app.

Thank you for reading, have a good day ✌✌